Training for my 2nd Half Marathon!

So after the Western Pacific Half Marathon, I took a few weeks off from running to rest my feet and legs from all the miles it had covered during training. And then I decided to plan for my 2nd Half Marathon. This time around I decided to follow Hal Higdon’s

Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Novice 2 Program

Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Novice 2 Program


This training program had me set a goal for my 2nd Half Marathon, something that the Novice 1 Program didn’t have me do. I decided to set a goal of 01:45:00, which works out to be an 8-minute pace throughout the course of a Half Marathon. I figured it was a little ambitious, but I went with it.


Here are my Instagram posts from my 5K and 10K experiences:


Bear Creek TrailĀ 5K

My first race in my Vibrams

My first race in my Vibrams

“Another 5K under our belts. It was my first official race wearing my Vibram KSOs and it sucked!!! Well, not that bad, but it did slow me down a little bit and I got a bruise on the side of my right foot. The “swag” we got at this race was by far the best of all the races we’ve done: 2 shirts, a really nice medal, 2 cans of coke for our gfs (btw, thanks for the support ladies), good post-race food, a purple bag of goodies, etc. And the race cost only $29 to register!! One thing I learned: don’t wear my Vibram KSOs on future trail races. Happy Saturday everyone!!”

Drag-N-Fly TrailĀ 10K

10K #2

10K #2


“Drag-N-Fly 10K…. Charlie 2nd overall, 1st in age group = 48:26 (7:19 pace). Me 23rd overall, 4th in age group = 1:02:44 (9:29 pace). This 10K was no joke! I never knew Antioch had hills like the ones we ran up. Definitely one of the tougher races I’ve participated in. S/o to my brother Charlie for running his first official race since his Cross Country days in high school; my homie killlled it. #brazen #brazenracing #dragnfly #10K #run #running”

So those were my most recent races. I was supposed to run the San Jose Rock ‘n Roll Half, but registration was way too expensive. So my next race will be the US Half in San Francisco on November 4th! I haven’t been able to run or work out these past few weeks because I bought of pair of Kobe’s to hoop in and they realllllly messed up my feet. They’re healed now, so I’ll be training hard these next 2 weeks. I hope everyone is running well! Cheers!

My First Half Marathon

The Western Pacific Half Marathon was back in May, but here is what I posted on my Instagram right after I completed the race:


Mile 11


“It’s still crazy to me that I ran 13.1 miles today. S/o to anyone who completes a full marathon because if you asked me to do what I did today twice, I’d slap you in your face! At mile 8, I felt my right hip flexor acting up, at mile 9 my right ankle stiffened up, and around mile 10 my right knee started hurting, but I pushed through to the end. Time to take it easy with my runs for a month and focus on resistance training more. And again, s/o to my brother Gordon! We did it bro, 13.1 effin’ miles. It’s just the beginning. #getsome #everyday………. Mile 11 of our very first Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and we got smiles on our faces. Trust me fam, if you want to be a runner, you have to learn (or relearn) to enjoy it, you have to want to run, you have to respect your feet, your body and the ground you’re running on. You have to grow to love running. Don’t run for anything other than your love for running; everything else will come: the health, the fitness, the abs, the endurance, etc. Don’t disrespect running by feeling that you HAVE to run! You don’t HAVE to run, you GET to run!!! #BornToRun #everyday #getsome #ypowr”