HMT: Days 5 & 6 “Rest is for the awesome!”

HMT: Days 5 & 6

HMT: Days 5 & 6


I’m going to keep this post short because as you can see, its only 10:00pm (PST) which means I have 2 more hours of rest (aka watching the first season of The Walking Dead on Netflix, duhhhh).


Yesterday, Day 5, I had work from 6:35am-5:45pm so I didn’t have time to workout anyway. I got off work, bought some Mega Millions Lotto Tickets (what a waste of $30 btw), had some sushi with my lady and then KTFO!


Today, Day 6, my crazy muay thai friend woke me up from my 11 hour slumber and told me to wake up so we can go to a boxing class at his gym. So that’s what I did. His school is FTCC in Daly City. The boxing class was awesome! I am currently a member of Polk Street Boxing in San Francisco, so I’ve had some type of experience boxing, but this class was a little different. We had some light contact drills, something that I haven’t really experienced much of at Polk Street (which really isn’t a bad thing). At one point during the class, I was matched up with this one tall white guy who my friend referred to as “Coach.” This guy def. looked like he’s been doing MMA/boxing for a while now, so I was a little worried that he would hit me hard…. and he did. But the thing is, I’m pretty sure he was throwing pretty lightly. I’m not complaining, I’m actually glad he knocked me as hard (or light) as he did. His punches were def. a wake up call for me; and a wake up call is what I needed. I think I may have found a new gym in FTCC, I’m very close to signing up for a membership.


FTCC: me (Left), my crazy muay thai friend Jeff (Right)

FTCC: me (Left), my crazy muay thai friend Jeff (Right)


So that was my Half Marathon Training Days 5 & 6! I hope you all are having a good weekend! Cheers!

Half Marathon Training: Day 4 “Visualize Continually”

Half Marathon Training: Day 4

Half Marathon Training: Day 4

Today was a pretty good workout. I got to Crunch around 9:00, sat in the dry sauna for 5 minutes and did some SMR for my IT band and quads. I’ve come to love the ~20 minute foam roller session that I always have before my runs. It gives me some good time to take care of a few other things: think about how my day went, think about & visualize the run I’m about to do, check in on Facebook, look at Instagram photos, catch up on some Tweets, and listen to some good relaxing R&B music.

I read (in a book ;)) that one of the 12 steps to set and achieve any goal (step #11 to be exact) is to visualize your goal continuallyAnd that’s exactly what I am doing when I foam roll before my runs. I visualize myself with good form when I’m running, I visualize myself taking deep, controlled breaths, I think about how I will feel when I get tired and then I think about what I will say in my head to help keep me going. Visualizing my run, before my run, really does help me out.


Do you visualize your run before you run? 


My 4 mile run was pretty easy, I felt good, I was breathing well, my shoulders were relaxed and I finished the last mile in 7 minutes.

The strength training portion of todays workout almost didn’t happen! And here’s why: After my run, I went to the bathroom and sat on the throne for 10 minutes, and when I came out of the bathroom I headed straight for the exit. When I got to my car I was like “something isn’t right……. did I finish my workout?!?…… crap, I didnt!!” So I went back in the gym and took care of business and I’m glad I did.


I did some lunges, some hamstring curls, 2 chest exercises and 1,000 bicep curls,

Oh, I can barely lift my right arm 'cause I did so many.

"Oh, I can barely lift my right arm 'cause I did so many." - Ron Burgundy

I’m not going to post the sets and reps and weights I trained with, but I will say that I went pretty hard knowing that the next two days of this training program are rest days, HOLLER!



Half Marathon Training: Day 3

Week 6 - Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross

Week 6 - Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross

So today was either a 2 mile run or a “cross” workout. Here is how Hal Higdon explains a “cross” or “cross train” workout:

It could be swimming, cycling, walking (see below), cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or even some combination that could include strength training if you choose to do it on Wednesdays and Saturdays instead of as indicated on the schedule. And feel free to throw in some jogging as well if you’re feeling good. In fact, on Wednesdays I offer you the option to run or cross-train. What cross-training you select depends on your personal preference. But don’t make the mistake of cross-training too vigorously. Sports such as basketball or volleyball that involve sideways motions or sudden stops and starts do not qualify as cross-training. In fact, you may increase your risk of injury if you double up on these sports, particularly as the mileage builds. Cross-training days should be considered easy days that allow you to recover from the running you do the rest of the week.

Being a typical dude, this is my first time reading what an actual “cross” or “cross-train” workout was. Before writing this post, I didn’t know what a “cross” workout was. For some reason, I chose to accept it to mean a crazy/intense workout. And when I think about crazy and/or insane workouts, I immediately think about CrossFit workouts.

If you’re unaware of what a Crossfit WOD is, or if you just don’t know anything about Crossfit in general, then please check out their website ( I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard or seen anything CrossFit, they’ve been on the come up for a few years now and have officially blown up with their CrossFit Games coverage on ESPN2 and their partnership with Reebok

So today, my “cross” workout was the Crossfit WOD “Fran.” This workout consists of 3 rounds of the same 2 exercises: 95 lb. Thrusters (65 lb. for the ladies) and Pull-ups.

  • Round 1 = 21 Thrusters and 21 Pull-ups.
  • Round 2 = 15 Thrusters and 15 Pull-ups.
  • Round 3 = 9 Thrusters and 9 Pull-ups.

Here’s a video of Irving Hernandez completing “Fran” in a little under 2 minutes. (I don’t own this video, I don’t know Irving Hernandez, I just took this video from YouTube to share with you all.)



Ummm yea, that guys is a beast (just like a bunch of other “CrossFit-ers”). I completed “Fran” in 08:31 and I was completely spent after.

"Fran" 03/28/12

"Fran" 03/28/12


What I learned from today’s training:

  1. read directions
  2. i should do more CrossFit workouts, I’m thinking once a week


So that was “Day 3” of my Half Marathon Training! Cheers!

Training for My First Half Marathon

Yesterday, I officially started my training for my first Half Marathon (Western Pacific Half Marathon) on May 5th. I know what you’re thinking: YOU’RE ONLY STARTING NOW?!?!

Well, I have been running a lot more these past 2 months. For instance, this month I had weekly goals of running 35 and 42 miles, both of which I reached, and I also completed a 13 mile run earlier this month. So I believe I prepared myself enough to start on “Week 6” of my Hal Higdon Training Program (pictured below). Also, I will replace the “Week 10” workout with the “Week 11” work out so that this program will lead me right up to my May 5th Half Marathon.


Hal Higdon's "Half Marathon Training Guide: Novice 1 Program"

Hal Higdon's "Half Marathon Training Guide: Novice 1 Program"


As you can see at the end of this 6th week, it says to run a 5K. So last night, I registered for my first official race: Running of the Elk Half Marathon, in Elk Grove, CA. I will be running the “Thrive 5K” portion of this race with my brother Gordon and hopefully a few more of our friends decide to come out and run with us.


Running of the Elk Half Marathon in Elk Grove, CA

Running of the Elk Half Marathon in Elk Grove, CA

I like this training program because it is very clear and it gives me something to follow. From what I read, Hal Higdon is an awesome resource for anything and everything about running so I am confident that this program will prepare me well for my first ever Half Marathon on May 5th.


Starting today, I will post my progress with this training program everyday up to and including race day, May 5th. Cheers!

Where My Name (John Ross) Came From

Growing up, I didn’t really  think much of my name: John Ross. I didn’t hate it, I wasn’t in love with it, it was just a name. One thing I did love though was being called “J.R.” I always felt that “JR” was just a cool nickname.

I forget what grade I was in, but one day during Social Studies class, we came across another “John Ross”; the first time I ever heard of someone having the same name as I did. The “John Ross” we were studying “was the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Native American Nation from 1828–1866. Described by European Americans as the Moses of his people, Ross led the Nation through tumultuous years of development, relocation to Oklahoma, and the American Civil War.” – Wikipedia. I didn’t really make much of it though. I just thought it was cool that I was named after a guy who was pretty awesome; a guy who meant a lot to his community. Since that day, I thought I was named after “John Ross: the Moses of the Cherokee.”

John Ross: The Moses of the Cherokee

John Ross: The Moses of the Cherokee

This all changed once I started interacting with older people more. Starting in high school, when a new teacher would call my name out for the first time they would say, “Oh! Like J.R. from the show Dallas!” and I would be like, “yea whatever bro, I was named after the Moses of the Cherokee, not some TV Show character!” Of course I would say this in my head and not out loud, lol. And this trend has continued ever since: “Oh like J.R. from Dallas,” or “I know who shot you!”

I’m not sure why, but last week I decided to Wikipedia the “John Ross” from Dallas. This guy “was a central, nefarious figure on the hit CBS television series Dallas (1978–1991). J. R. was a covetous, egocentric, and amoral oil baron, who was constantly plotting subterfuges to plunder his foes and their Texas-sized wallets.” – Wikipedia. WTHECK?! When I read this, I was glad to be named after the Moses guy and not this A-Hole guy.

John Ross Ewing from Dallas

John Ross Ewing from Dallas

But then I started thinking: why were the teachers and all the other old people so excited and intrigued when they would say “Oh! Like J.R. from Dallas?” So I read more about this John Ross from Dallas. As I read, I found out that:

(1) “J. R. Ewing is considered one of television’s most popular characters,” and

(2) “In 1999 TV Guide ranked him number 11 on its “50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time” list.

Ahhh, it all make sense now! Although John Ross Ewing was a doucher of a character, he was actually a big reason why the show was a big hit.


And everything came full circle just yesterday when I saw that my mom “Liked” the Dallas Page on FaceBook! I asked her right away if John Ross Ewing was indeed the person she named me after. She responded with, “Yup!….I used to watch every episode, and I LOVE “JR”….:)” That’s just so damn awesome!


I’ve really grown to love my name “John Ross.” I feel that it fits me perfectly.


So there you have it, I was named after John Ross Ewing: The Doucher (but a very cool and popular guy) from Dallas and not the John Ross: the Moses of the Cherokee.

My first TRXperience! (see what I just did there?)

TRX Group Class at Resort Fitness, LLC

TRX Group Class at Resort Fitness, LLC

If you don’t see what I just did there, I don’t like you; just kidding.

I’m writing about my first “real” experience with TRX Suspension Training! I say “real” experience because I’ve worked with the TRX before, but not in a group setting and not instructed by a certified TRX trainer. My good friend Ryan Dantes (I will post his website once it’s up and running) was the instructor for this class and he did a great job.

I wasn’t able to get my routine warm-up (SMR IT Band, SMR calves, SMR quads, 10 minute run, 1,000 bicep curls, and 10 minutes of dancing to “Teach Me How to Dougie”) completed because I arrived 5 minutes before the class started. I want to say it was difficult for me to get up this morning because I stayed up ’til 2am playing COD, but I’m not convinced that was it; it must have been something I ate that day ;). But anyways, back to the class. Within the first 5 minutes, I was like “wtheck did I get myself into?!” And I love when I get that feeling because I know that I’m doing something that I’ve never tried before.

Ryan did a great job putting together todays workout. We hit the upper body, we hit the lower body, we hit the core, we did some kettlebell work, we did it all. His cues and instructions were loud and clear, he was motivating, and the music was good. This was a good first experience with the TRX and now I’m even more excited to get TRX Certified.

Once I get certified, I will be teaching 6am and 7am TRX Group Classes at Ryan’s gym in Daly City.

In conclusion…

Would I recommend TRX training?

Hell yes

Was it a good workout?

Hell yes

On a scale from 1 to 20, where would you rank Manning signing with the Broncos?

1.. he should have came to SF! jk, we’ll be fine with Alex Smith…. I hope, lol

Is Carbonated Water Healthy?

I recently started drinking Natural Sparkling Mineral Water (from Trader Joe’s) and I love this shhhtuff! I always thought that sparkling water was just another unhealthy soda that had tons of bad shhtuff in it that would make you fat and rot your teeth, but not anymore! Although I began drinking more of it lately, I still had some doubts and some questions about sparkling/carbonated water. So I did what all people would do when they have questions: I Googled it!

I will list all the articles that I’ve read at the end of this post, but I want to share my own conclusion from all my “research.”

1) Carbonated water will NOT rot your teeth like that Coke that you were drinking earlier today 😉

2) Carbonated water tastes good: I’ve done research

3) Carbonated water is not boring, like regular water

4) Carbonated water still hydrates you, just like regular water does

5) Carbonated has SOME Sodium, but not so much that its unhealthy. Make sure you choose a carbonated water that doesn’t have too much Sodium!

6) Carbonated water has ZERO calories!

I don’t think that carbonated water is harmful. I think that having 1 or 2 a day is perfectly fine. I do believe that regular/boring water is still the best way to go. The main thing though, is to remain hydrated, whether you do this through carbonated or regular water is up to you.

What are you thoughts on Carbonated/Sparkling water?

Articles I read:

Nutrition Diva: Is Carbonated Water Bad for You?

Is Plain Water Healthier Than Sparkling Water? SPARKLING WATER VS. PLAIN WATER

Carbonated Water Facts

Carbonated Water: Wikipedia

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

My whole life I’ve made soooo many excuses. I’ve made so many excuses for everything: why I didn’t finish my homework, why I didn’t pass a class the first time around, why I’m so bad at saving money, why I’m not where I want to be physically, why I haven’t gotten into PT School yet, excuses for anything and everything. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

And when I really, really, REALLY think about all these excuses (especially the ones that I’ve made recently), I can’t help but think how stupid those excuses were. Why do I continue to doubt myself? Why do I continue to hold myself back?

In the book Goals! How to Get Everything You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, Brian Tracy talks about the “80/20 Rule.” This rule says:

“in most cases, 80% of the reasons you are not attaining your goals are internal. they are within you rather than in the world around you. only 20% of the obstacles are contained in your external situation or in other people.” 

Well, I want that to end today. No more excuses.

What are some of the excuses that you come up with everyday? Why do we do that to ourselves?

“… and when you get to the point where all you want to do is be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful…” – Eric Thomas

“you’d better be running”

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or a gazelle — when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” – Roger Banister (via Born to Run pg. 13)


I think I just fell in love with running