3rd Medal

3rd Time is a Charm

3rd Half Marathon

3rd Half Marathon

I ran my 3rd Half Marathon on February 17, 2013. Here is my caption from my IG post:

“Third Half Marathon in the books! It was a good run, finished in 1:58. After mile 9 I had to walk a bit, but I sorta made up for it by doing some intervals as much as I could. I hadn’t run this whole week, so now I know that I gotta keep up with my training program if I want to run a 1:45 Half Marathon in the future. My lady also ran Lake Merced and she did it in 40 minutes! Holler! So it was a good day the the Lake. I wasn’t able to run an official race b/c there weren’t any in the Bay Area scheduled for today. So I wasn’t able to get all the free shhtuff given out at those races, BUT I got something better! My niece made a medal for me! This is by far the best medal I’ve ever gotten. She painted the front and wrote me a little something on the back.”

This was definitely one of the best races for me just because of the medal I received for completing it. Never ever forget about why you do what you do in life. My family is my number one and they are the reason I try to live a good and healthy life. My 3rd Half Marathon  was definitely a charm.