NEW: Saturday Partners Training! Beginning June 25th

A great way to strengthen your health and your relationship, Saturday Partners Training is an outdoor group exercise workshop intended for couples/partners/best friends looking for a great workout every Saturday morning. No prior fitness experience is necessary. Check out the Saturday Partners Training page for more info!

For Starters, Elliptical

“while walking, ground reaction force can be 1 to 1.5 times one’s body weight, 2 to 5 times one’s body weight during running and 4 to 11 times one’s body weight when jumping… think of a 150-pound person who goes jogging or a person walking up and down stairs. they must withstand approximately 300 to 600 pounds of force on one leg, each and every step, in an unstable, unpredictable environment” – CEx (18)

if you’re just starting to workout again, i recommend using the elliptical to get your “cardio” workout for the first 2 weeks. jogging/running on the treadmill, skipping (jump rope), and even some aerobics classes may be a little too much for your knees. the motion of the elliptical will save your knees from the constant, sometimes unpleasant impact that you would experience on the treadmill.

remember, being healthy and fit is a lifestyle change. if you’re serious about getting started, get started correctly; you’ll save yourself a lot of corrective/rehabilitative/physical therapy type exercises in the future. the main thing is to keep moving (correctly) and get better everyday. go get it!


do you skip breakfast? why? don’t do that anymore! 🙂

studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are more likely to consume MORE calories throughout the day than those people who actually eat breakfast. if you’re trying to lose weight, do not be afraid of eating a big breakfast! you have the rest of the day to walk around, walk up stairs, run for the bus and burn those calories off. when you eat breakfast you kick-start your metabolism and your body will be ready to burn calories throughout the day. starbucks doesn’t have the same effect; coffee will wake up your brain so that you’re more aware and alert. but once that coffee fades, you crash and feel sluggish because your body is looking for those carbs, fats and proteins.

try to stay away from the pastries and coffee and try cereal or oatmeal. but if you haven’t had breakfast in a while, anything will do for the first week. the most important thing is to get your “stomach” digesting something as early as possible.

make time to eat breakfast. sleep 20 minutes earlier and wake up 20 minutes earlier. give your body and mind a chance to work optimally.

Deep Listening

“our culture cries out for, even demands, understanding and influence. however, the principle of influence is governed by mutual understanding born of the commitment of at least one person to deep listening first.” – 7 Habits (10)

deep listening: this is one thing that i have been working on for a while now. people very close to me have kindly pointed out that i like to interrupt others with a quick “yea” or “uh huh” when conversing; i hate it! i really am trying to improve on this and hopefully you see my improvement the next time we speak.


“the problem is that our modern culture says, “go in earlier, stay later, be more efficient, live with the sacrifice for now — but the truth is that balance and peace of mind are not produced by these; they follow the person who develops a clear sense of his or her highest priorities and who lives with focus and integrity toward them.” – 7 Habits (9)

write down your top 3 priorities. every single thing you do should be in harmony with those 3 things. and when you’re doing something that is not in harmony with those 3 things, pay attention. following close behind is usually an excuse (a justification). listen to this excuse, understand and accept that it’s holding you back, make a plan to fix it, and then execute that plan.

get your priorities straight, this will answer a lot of your questions. think good, do good.

No Complaints, Only Thanks

humble yourself. when its raining, thank the Lord. When it’s sunny, thank the Lord. when you feel like everything is too much, give everything to Him and thank Him. His love and forgiveness is so strong. all we need to do is remember Him and Thank Him. never forget about Him, all He asks of us is to remember Him and love each other. try it, good things will happen. always be thankful and let the Lord know that you won’t complain.

Lose the PoundzZzZzz

“Hormones appear to be the link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Loss of sleep increases your body’s production of the hormone Ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. Lack of sleep also also decreases the levels of the hormone Leptin, which signals your brain when your body doesn’t require any more food.” –

Resolve, right now, to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. When we get the appropriate amount of sleep our muscles repair, our memory improves, our heart gets healthier, our chances of developing type 2 diabetes is reduced and we give our bodies the opportunity to perform optimally the next day.

When we decide to sleep by a certain time every night, we become more productive and more efficient during the day; we know we need to get everything done by that time. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose, only so much to gain.

3 Simple Words, 3 Simple Sentences

i am amazed what 3 simple words can do. when i feel like giving up, sometimes 3 simple words is all i need to keep going. it’s as if 3 simple words take over and are the only 3 things in my world at that moment; not even the task at hand stands a chance. i become the 3 simple words.

i hear the 3 simple words in my head, but deeper in my mind, i see/hear/feel my ypowr!  i see/hear/feel my future family, my future wife, my future kids, my future career, my future health, my past health, my past friendships, my past hardships, my past mistakes, my current state; i see/hear/feel it all.

3 simple words can motivate you.

Just Keep Moving

3 simple words can humble you.

Thank You Lord

3 simple words can change your life forever.

I Love You (is there someone in your life who deserves to hear these words from you? or is there someone who you’d want to hear these words from? sometimes these 3 simple words limit us. never limit yourself. and don’t be concerned about their response (or non-response). this is about YOU and how YOU feel about someone! I love YOU. and please remember that LOVE is a VERB. to love someone means that you sacrifice for that person, that you work hard for that person, that you put that person before yourself.)

if these 3 sentences are part of your daily life, then i believe you are a positive & progressive individual. always keep moving, always be thankful, and always think love.