3 Simple Words, 3 Simple Sentences

i am amazed what 3 simple words can do. when i feel like giving up, sometimes 3 simple words is all i need to keep going. it’s as if 3 simple words take over and are the only 3 things in my world at that moment; not even the task at hand stands a chance. i become the 3 simple words.

i hear the 3 simple words in my head, but deeper in my mind, i see/hear/feel my ypowr!  i see/hear/feel my future family, my future wife, my future kids, my future career, my future health, my past health, my past friendships, my past hardships, my past mistakes, my current state; i see/hear/feel it all.

3 simple words can motivate you.

Just Keep Moving

3 simple words can humble you.

Thank You Lord

3 simple words can change your life forever.

I Love You (is there someone in your life who deserves to hear these words from you? or is there someone who you’d want to hear these words from? sometimes these 3 simple words limit us. never limit yourself. and don’t be concerned about their response (or non-response). this is about YOU and how YOU feel about someone! I love YOU. and please remember that LOVE is a VERB. to love someone means that you sacrifice for that person, that you work hard for that person, that you put that person before yourself.)

if these 3 sentences are part of your daily life, then i believe you are a positive & progressive individual. always keep moving, always be thankful, and always think love.

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