For Starters, Elliptical

“while walking, ground reaction force can be 1 to 1.5 times one’s body weight, 2 to 5 times one’s body weight during running and 4 to 11 times one’s body weight when jumping… think of a 150-pound person who goes jogging or a person walking up and down stairs. they must withstand approximately 300 to 600 pounds of force on one leg, each and every step, in an unstable, unpredictable environment” – CEx (18)

if you’re just starting to workout again, i recommend using the elliptical to get your “cardio” workout for the first 2 weeks. jogging/running on the treadmill, skipping (jump rope), and even some aerobics classes may be a little too much for your knees. the motion of the elliptical will save your knees from the constant, sometimes unpleasant impact that you would experience on the treadmill.

remember, being healthy and fit is a lifestyle change. if you’re serious about getting started, get started correctly; you’ll save yourself a lot of corrective/rehabilitative/physical therapy type exercises in the future. the main thing is to keep moving (correctly) and get better everyday. go get it!

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