HMT: Days 5 & 6 “Rest is for the awesome!”

HMT: Days 5 & 6

HMT: Days 5 & 6


I’m going to keep this post short because as you can see, its only 10:00pm (PST) which means I have 2 more hours of rest (aka watching the first season of The Walking Dead on Netflix, duhhhh).


Yesterday, Day 5, I had work from 6:35am-5:45pm so I didn’t have time to workout anyway. I got off work, bought some Mega Millions Lotto Tickets (what a waste of $30 btw), had some sushi with my lady and then KTFO!


Today, Day 6, my crazy muay thai friend woke me up from my 11 hour slumber and told me to wake up so we can go to a boxing class at his gym. So that’s what I did. His school is FTCC in Daly City. The boxing class was awesome! I am currently a member of Polk Street Boxing in San Francisco, so I’ve had some type of experience boxing, but this class was a little different. We had some light contact drills, something that I haven’t really experienced much of at Polk Street (which really isn’t a bad thing). At one point during the class, I was matched up with this one tall white guy who my friend referred to as “Coach.” This guy def. looked like he’s been doing MMA/boxing for a while now, so I was a little worried that he would hit me hard…. and he did. But the thing is, I’m pretty sure he was throwing pretty lightly. I’m not complaining, I’m actually glad he knocked me as hard (or light) as he did. His punches were def. a wake up call for me; and a wake up call is what I needed. I think I may have found a new gym in FTCC, I’m very close to signing up for a membership.


FTCC: me (Left), my crazy muay thai friend Jeff (Right)

FTCC: me (Left), my crazy muay thai friend Jeff (Right)


So that was my Half Marathon Training Days 5 & 6! I hope you all are having a good weekend! Cheers!

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