Half Marathon Training: Day 4 “Visualize Continually”

Half Marathon Training: Day 4

Half Marathon Training: Day 4

Today was a pretty good workout. I got to Crunch around 9:00, sat in the dry sauna for 5 minutes and did some SMR for my IT band and quads. I’ve come to love the ~20 minute foam roller session that I always have before my runs. It gives me some good time to take care of a few other things: think about how my day went, think about & visualize the run I’m about to do, check in on Facebook, look at Instagram photos, catch up on some Tweets, and listen to some good relaxing R&B music.

I read (in a book ;)) that one of the 12 steps to set and achieve any goal (step #11 to be exact) is to visualize your goal continuallyAnd that’s exactly what I am doing when I foam roll before my runs. I visualize myself with good form when I’m running, I visualize myself taking deep, controlled breaths, I think about how I will feel when I get tired and then I think about what I will say in my head to help keep me going. Visualizing my run, before my run, really does help me out.


Do you visualize your run before you run? 


My 4 mile run was pretty easy, I felt good, I was breathing well, my shoulders were relaxed and I finished the last mile in 7 minutes.

The strength training portion of todays workout almost didn’t happen! And here’s why: After my run, I went to the bathroom and sat on the throne for 10 minutes, and when I came out of the bathroom I headed straight for the exit. When I got to my car I was like “something isn’t right……. did I finish my workout?!?…… crap, I didnt!!” So I went back in the gym and took care of business and I’m glad I did.


I did some lunges, some hamstring curls, 2 chest exercises and 1,000 bicep curls,

Oh, I can barely lift my right arm 'cause I did so many.

"Oh, I can barely lift my right arm 'cause I did so many." - Ron Burgundy

I’m not going to post the sets and reps and weights I trained with, but I will say that I went pretty hard knowing that the next two days of this training program are rest days, HOLLER!



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