Training for My First Half Marathon

Yesterday, I officially started my training for my first Half Marathon (Western Pacific Half Marathon) on May 5th. I know what you’re thinking: YOU’RE ONLY STARTING NOW?!?!

Well, I have been running a lot more these past 2 months. For instance, this month I had weekly goals of running 35 and 42 miles, both of which I reached, and I also completed a 13 mile run earlier this month. So I believe I prepared myself enough to start on “Week 6” of my Hal Higdon Training Program (pictured below). Also, I will replace the “Week 10” workout with the “Week 11” work out so that this program will lead me right up to my May 5th Half Marathon.


Hal Higdon's "Half Marathon Training Guide: Novice 1 Program"

Hal Higdon's "Half Marathon Training Guide: Novice 1 Program"


As you can see at the end of this 6th week, it says to run a 5K. So last night, I registered for my first official race: Running of the Elk Half Marathon, in Elk Grove, CA. I will be running the “Thrive 5K” portion of this race with my brother Gordon and hopefully a few more of our friends decide to come out and run with us.


Running of the Elk Half Marathon in Elk Grove, CA

Running of the Elk Half Marathon in Elk Grove, CA

I like this training program because it is very clear and it gives me something to follow. From what I read, Hal Higdon is an awesome resource for anything and everything about running so I am confident that this program will prepare me well for my first ever Half Marathon on May 5th.


Starting today, I will post my progress with this training program everyday up to and including race day, May 5th. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Training for My First Half Marathon

    • ypowr says:

      I know, I’m super excited! And you know, you’ve inspired me to run a lot more! I’m really considering sharing your goal of running a race in every state. BUT, we’ll see how this first half marathon goes, lol.

      • racingthestates says:

        lol thanks! That made my day! Keep us posted on the training. I saw the training program you posted; it was pretty similar, if not the same, as when I first trained for my first half.

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