My first TRXperience! (see what I just did there?)

TRX Group Class at Resort Fitness, LLC

TRX Group Class at Resort Fitness, LLC

If you don’t see what I just did there, I don’t like you; just kidding.

I’m writing about my first “real” experience with TRX Suspension Training! I say “real” experience because I’ve worked with the TRX before, but not in a group setting and not instructed by a certified TRX trainer. My good friend Ryan Dantes (I will post his website once it’s up and running) was the instructor for this class and he did a great job.

I wasn’t able to get my routine warm-up (SMR IT Band, SMR calves, SMR quads, 10 minute run, 1,000 bicep curls, and 10 minutes of dancing to “Teach Me How to Dougie”) completed because I arrived 5 minutes before the class started. I want to say it was difficult for me to get up this morning because I stayed up ’til 2am playing COD, but I’m not convinced that was it; it must have been something I ate that day ;). But anyways, back to the class. Within the first 5 minutes, I was like “wtheck did I get myself into?!” And I love when I get that feeling because I know that I’m doing something that I’ve never tried before.

Ryan did a great job putting together todays workout. We hit the upper body, we hit the lower body, we hit the core, we did some kettlebell work, we did it all. His cues and instructions were loud and clear, he was motivating, and the music was good. This was a good first experience with the TRX and now I’m even more excited to get TRX Certified.

Once I get certified, I will be teaching 6am and 7am TRX Group Classes at Ryan’s gym in Daly City.

In conclusion…

Would I recommend TRX training?

Hell yes

Was it a good workout?

Hell yes

On a scale from 1 to 20, where would you rank Manning signing with the Broncos?

1.. he should have came to SF! jk, we’ll be fine with Alex Smith…. I hope, lol