Is Carbonated Water Healthy?

I recently started drinking Natural Sparkling Mineral Water (from Trader Joe’s) and I love this shhhtuff! I always thought that sparkling water was just another unhealthy soda that had tons of bad shhtuff in it that would make you fat and rot your teeth, but not anymore! Although I began drinking more of it lately, I still had some doubts and some questions about sparkling/carbonated water. So I did what all people would do when they have questions: I Googled it!

I will list all the articles that I’ve read at the end of this post, but I want to share my own conclusion from all my “research.”

1) Carbonated water will NOT rot your teeth like that Coke that you were drinking earlier today ­čśë

2) Carbonated water tastes good: I’ve done research

3) Carbonated water is not boring, like regular water

4) Carbonated water still hydrates you, just like regular water does

5) Carbonated has SOME Sodium, but not so much that its unhealthy. Make sure you choose a carbonated water that doesn’t have too much Sodium!

6) Carbonated water has ZERO calories!

I don’t think that carbonated water is harmful. I think that having 1 or 2 a day is perfectly fine. I do believe that regular/boring water is still the best way to go. The main thing though, is to remain hydrated, whether you do this through carbonated or regular water is up to you.

What are you thoughts on Carbonated/Sparkling water?

Articles I read:

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