Half Marathon Training: Day 3

Week 6 - Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross

Week 6 - Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross

So today was either a 2 mile run or a “cross” workout. Here is how Hal Higdon explains a “cross” or “cross train” workout:

It could be swimming, cycling, walking (see below), cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or even some combination that could include strength training if you choose to do it on Wednesdays and Saturdays instead of as indicated on the schedule. And feel free to throw in some jogging as well if you’re feeling good. In fact, on Wednesdays I offer you the option to run or cross-train. What cross-training you select depends on your personal preference. But don’t make the mistake of cross-training too vigorously. Sports such as basketball or volleyball that involve sideways motions or sudden stops and starts do not qualify as cross-training. In fact, you may increase your risk of injury if you double up on these sports, particularly as the mileage builds. Cross-training days should be considered easy days that allow you to recover from the running you do the rest of the week.

Being a typical dude, this is my first time reading what an actual “cross” or “cross-train” workout was. Before writing this post, I didn’t know what a “cross” workout was. For some reason, I chose to accept it to mean a crazy/intense workout. And when I think about crazy and/or insane workouts, I immediately think about CrossFit workouts.

If you’re unaware of what a Crossfit WOD is, or if you just don’t know anything about Crossfit in general, then please check out their website (CrossFit.com) I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard or seen anything CrossFit, they’ve been on the come up for a few years now and have officially blown up with their CrossFit Games coverage on ESPN2 and their partnership with Reebok

So today, my “cross” workout was the Crossfit WOD “Fran.” This workout consists of 3 rounds of the same 2 exercises: 95 lb. Thrusters (65 lb. for the ladies) and Pull-ups.

  • Round 1 = 21 Thrusters and 21 Pull-ups.
  • Round 2 = 15 Thrusters and 15 Pull-ups.
  • Round 3 = 9 Thrusters and 9 Pull-ups.

Here’s a video of Irving Hernandez completing “Fran” in a little under 2 minutes. (I don’t own this video, I don’t know Irving Hernandez, I just took this video from YouTube to share with you all.)



Ummm yea, that guys is a beast (just like a bunch of other “CrossFit-ers”). I completed “Fran” in 08:31 and I was completely spent after.

"Fran" 03/28/12

"Fran" 03/28/12


What I learned from today’s training:

  1. read directions
  2. i should do more CrossFit workouts, I’m thinking once a week


So that was “Day 3” of my Half Marathon Training! Cheers!