How to Prepare for a Vegas Trip (for guys)

so in about an hour, i will be on the road with my dear cousins. our destination? Las Vegas, holler! i decided to post this because i just packed for a 5 day trip in 15 minutes. while i was packing, i was thinking about all the “prep” i needed to do for this trip and realized that it only took about 15.25 hours and 4 seconds. so here’s how i prep’d for this Vegas trip:

1) the day before you leave, pay all your bills (even the ones that aren’t due until the end of the month) = 1 hour

2) have lunch and/or dinner with your girlfriend (allow her to give you all the “death stares” she possibly can) = 2 hours

4) watch The Hangover = 2 hours (3 hours if you watch it with your girlfriend, because she will pause the DVD a couple times, turn to you and say something like “you see that, you’re not doing that…. ok?….. OK!!)

3) go to sleep by 7pm the night before, because the party starts right when you set foot on the plane or when the car starts moving in the direction of Vegas (if you’re driving) = 10 hours

4) pack = 15 minutes

5) leave all your credit cards at home = 4 seconds

so that’s how i prep’d for my Vegas trip, i’ll update this if i find that i missed some things. Viva Las Vegas!!!! see you guys on Monday

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