the first Bootcamp was a success! thanks for all of those who came through. thanks for all the support and positive FB messages & texts. none of this would be possible without your support!

today was a big day for me so thanks to those who shared this with me; i appreciate you guys very much and i can’t thank you enough. if you couldn’t make it this time, come through next saturday!

a few words on success:

this bootcamp was a success because it was in line with what i want in life. i want to bring people together and have fun. i want people to be happy. i want to motivate people. and i want people to be healthy. and i feel that i did that today. this is how i will always define success. its not about money, its not about status, its not about fame. its about answering your calling and being around positive people.

thanks again everyone! #ypowr

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