Why Am I Eating More?

Client: JR, I’ve been eating a lot more lately!! I don’t want to eat more, I’m trying to lose weight!

me: Eating more huh? Have you been working out more lately?

Client: heck yea! I’ve been working out 5 days a week, I’ve been going to Zumba, and I’ve been using the stairs a lot more when I’m at work

me: awesome! i’m glad to hear that! so about the eating, don’t worry about you eating more lately. we’ve been working out really well the past couple of weeks and you’ve been gaining some good muscle. remember, the more lean muscle we have, the more energy it takes to fuel that muscle and keep it healthy. so the extra food that you’ve been eating lately is actually being metabolized and used for muscle growth and maintenance as opposed to just being stored as fat! just make sure we’re consuming nutrient-dense foods and not empty calories like we’ve been talking about.

Client: Thanks JR! that makes a lot of sense

me: cooooool, anymore questions?

Client: yes, why are you drinking a can of Coke and eating Strawberry Hi-Chew?

me: uh, they’re not mine. 100 push-ups, NOW!

*i was just kidding about those last 3 statements.

but anywho, i’m pretty sure some of you have had a similar experience at one point or another along your journey to better health. remember this, a lot of people are overweight and unhealthy not because they eat too much, but because they eat too much bad food (ie. soda, pizza, french fries, chips, etc.). food is our energy, so if you’re eating a lot of good food, that means you’re fueling yourself with good energy. and good energy means a better work day, a better workout, a better sex life, a better attitude, and a better YOU overall. so don’t worry so much about the quantity of food you’re consuming, first take a look at the quality. do this and your “diet” will instantly gain 10 points on the awesome scale!

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