Embrace The Struggle, Keep Moving

“Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.” – H. Jackson Brown

when things go differently than what we had planned or expected (in any aspect of our lives: health, love life, work, school, etc.), we must be resilient and keep moving forward. first we must accept that there will always be hardships and struggles and bs. then we must embrace the fact that without these things, we wouldn’t know what love, beauty, or strength were.

i believe that without hate, we wouldn’t know or appreciate what love  really is. im not saying hate is ok or that we shouldn’t work towards a world without it, because I do believe that a world with less hate is something very feasible (especially now that our world has experienced so much of it). for instance, in the future i see “hate” being talked about the same way “once being able to smoke on an airplane” is talked about now. whenever i think about how smoking was once allowed on airplanes, my mind just explodes. they really allowed that? how could someone do that? what were they thinking? if someone were to light up on a plane today, that person would be scolded and definitely imprisoned! i see the same thing happening to hate. there will definitely be hate in the future, but it won’t be as prominent as it is today.

as bad as the world may seem right now to some people, i believe that we are taking steps in the right direction, and blogs like this and people like YOU are the ones moving it.

“My Lord tells me that for every 1 bad thing in this world, there are 1 million good things. Trust in Him and EVERYTHING will be ok.” – me

embrace the struggle and always keep moving. <– as you can see this applies to your job, your workout program, your relationships and everything else.

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