HMT: Day 29 “The Stick”

Stretch & Strengthen

Stretch & Strengthen


Day 29: Stretch & Strengthen


So this week I am skipping Week 10 and jumping straight to Week 11 because my Half Marathon is on 2 weeks. As I look at Week 10, it doesn’t seem like I’m skipping a lot so I don’t think it should be a huge deal.


Today was a light day and that is exactly how I wanted it to be. I went straight to the foam roller when I got to Crunch and spent a good 25 minutes on that bad boy. I worked on my IT Band, my Quads, my Fibularis (Peroneus) Longus and Fibularis (Peroneus) Brevis, and my calves.


The Peronei.... well, 2 of them

The Peronei.... well, 2 of them


I highlighted both the Peroneus Longus & Peroneus Brevis because these muscles piss me off. My right ankle has been sprained so many times before (inversion ankle sprain) and during my 10K on Saturday I rolled my ankle again. Thankfully there was no swelling and I’m able to walk, but today these two particular muscles were really tight. You see, when you have an Inversion Ankle Sprain (when your foot falls inward, towards mid-line) the outer muscles of your lower leg are overstretched or damaged, and these outer muscles of your lower leg are the Peronei Musculature (Longus, Brevis & Tertius).


So majority of my SMR with the foam roller was focused on these 2 Peronei. The massage I had yesterday definitely made it feel better, but it was still tight today. I even used “The Stick” when I was training my client tonight. If you don’t know what the “The Stick” is, you should get one, it works wonders.


The Stick..... it works wonders

The Stick..... it works wonders


As for the Strengthening portion of my workout, I did 2 back exercises, 2 tricep exercises, 2 shoulder exercises, and my ab routine. Today was a good day at the gym, I’m anxious to see how my 5 mile run goes tomorrow. I hope you all had great Mondays! Cheers!

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