It’s Not About the Work

*originally posted on 12/22/2016

Dear Leaders,

It’s not about the work. It’s never ever about the work.

Your team will do the work. You handing them that offer letter proves that you believe(d) they can do the work – you made the right decision… you always do. Them signing that offer letter proved that they were willing to do that work for YOU because they believed in YOU as a leader.

It’s not about the work, your team will do the work and they want to do the work. They know the work is theirs, but they also know what belongs to you as their leader. The energy of the team, the emotional state of the team, the morale of the team, the vision for the team, the growth of each person on the team… those are yours, that’s your work.

The team will take care of the numbers, you take care of the team… the team, the team, the team.

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