Coaching Invitation #3

Hello Hello!

Thanks in advance for watching!

I’m looking for 4 more clients to come along with me on my 25-week certification program/journey! We’d meet twice a month on Zoom/Facetime/Phone for 30 minutes and during these calls, we’ll simply have a powerful conversation that will move you closer and closer to where you want to go and WHO/HOW you want to be.

The “being” part is the focus. We both know you’ll put in the work to achieve your goals… but HOW do you want to get there and HOW do you want to BE?

If you’re interested in learning more about Coaching and how Coaching can serve you and support you in your growth and development this year, DM me and let’s schedule a 30 minute Sample Session.

Thanks again y’all!

“Simplify to Amplify.”

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