Practice 03/31/2011

“Get out your notebook and write out your top three goals. Now make a list of the bad habits that night be sabotaging your progress in each area. Write down every one.” – The Compound Effect (76)

Hey everyone, try this one out. And if your comfortable with it, post it on your tumblr. Hopefully you are surrounded by positive people who will support you and encourage you to change those bad habits and help you achieve your goals. Let me know how it goes. – JR

Write It Down

“top people have very clear goals. they know who they are and they know what they want. they write down and they make plans for its accomplishment. unsuccessful people carry their goals around in their head like marbles rattling around in a can, and we say a goal that is not in writing is merely a fantasy. and everybody has fantasies, but those fantasies are like bullets with no powder in the cartridge. people go through life shooting blanks without written goals — and that’s the starting point.” – Brian Tracy, The Compound Effect (71-72)