Sam A.

“During my 4 years in high school I had been going to the gym and after every year I found myself making no progress in losing weight. I thought I could lose weight on my own but realized I had no direction and was just going through the motions of working out. I finally decided to stop wasting my time and get a personal trainer. JR gave me the direction I had always been looking for. He not only showed me how to use the machines but how to use all the equipment I had access to. I was able to utilize simple equipment such as jump ropes, ladders, kettle bells, and all strength equipment to my advantage. In addition to showing me how to utilize equipment properly and creating routines, he was able to explain to me how the body and its individual muscles work. With this knowledge I was able to do exercises properly and know why I was doing them. Together with JR I was able to lose more weight in 1 month then the 4 years I had worked out in high school. He not only helped me lose weight but helped me make a lifestyle change and continue to lose weight on my own.” – Sam A. (Client)

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