Weekend Update: Marvin 07/30/2011

i gave these questions to Marvin 2 weeks ago and asked him to think about them and answer them by today. here are the questions and his answers:


1) How has training been going since we started? What can we do as a team to improve?
 Training for the last two months has been refreshing. Vocalize and be accountable for my daily and weekly goals. Establishing a consistent schedule to train, both together and on my own.

2) What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since we started training?
Overcome inertia and just get movin
3) What decision can you make RIGHT NOW that will take you one step closer to reaching your health and fitness goals? (or relationship goals, or career goals, or life goals?)
I’ll have to get back to you on this one. Good question, though.
4) What’s your goal for today?
Eat a wholesome breakfast and get in a short stint at the gym.
5) What’s your goal for the week once you get back from Vegas?
Apply for at least one job each day.
6) What are your top 3 goals overall? 
Maintain a body fat percentage below 15% within two months.
Have a career, not just a job, lined up before the end of September.
Run Lake Merced in under 40 minutes by the end of August.

Sam A.

“During my 4 years in high school I had been going to the gym and after every year I found myself making no progress in losing weight. I thought I could lose weight on my own but realized I had no direction and was just going through the motions of working out. I finally decided to stop wasting my time and get a personal trainer. JR gave me the direction I had always been looking for. He not only showed me how to use the machines but how to use all the equipment I had access to. I was able to utilize simple equipment such as jump ropes, ladders, kettle bells, and all strength equipment to my advantage. In addition to showing me how to utilize equipment properly and creating routines, he was able to explain to me how the body and its individual muscles work. With this knowledge I was able to do exercises properly and know why I was doing them. Together with JR I was able to lose more weight in 1 month then the 4 years I had worked out in high school. He not only helped me lose weight but helped me make a lifestyle change and continue to lose weight on my own.” – Sam A. (Client)

Lilli E.

JR is an awesome trainer who is always at my side

making sure I keep proper form. He constantly encourages me when I am falling a little flat or roots me on to reach deep down within to release that hidden boost of power to finish off a great set. Also, JR will even work out beside me while doing my cardio just as a gym buddy would. He knows how to adjust my fitness program with the right balance of cardio and strength training. Each week we work on different sets that are challenging and interesting so I am always progressing and motivated. JR has helped me build up my physical endurance and strength. My physique hasn’t looked better in years and my mind is so much sharper and clear. Thanks to JR, I could not have done this all on my own!

JR’s down-to-earth, wholesome personality allowed us to have an open and honest relationship and is the added key to success in reaching my fitness goals and how to be prosperous in all facets of my life. His own personal goals are inspiring and the inspiration in turn has become my own. JR helps me set mini goals weekly so I’m always on the right track to reaching the final goal. JR has truly made a positive difference in my life that I sought out for many years. His experience and education proves itself with my own personal success I’ve had with his training and he has set out a healthy trend for me that I will keep for a lifetime.” –  Lilli E. (Client)

Gemma W.

“I’ve been a member of a gym for a while now. I would workout, lose weight but then gain it back again. This made me so frustrated that I stopped going to the gym. This year I decided to try losing the weight again. This time I wanted to lose it not only for a couple of months, but to lose it for good. I wanted to reach and maintain my goal weight of 145-160 lbs. I knew  I couldn’t do it alone, so in January I decided to hire JR as my personal trainer. With his help I was able to learn the proper way of working out. JR also helped me change my eating habits for the better. In 3 months of training with JR I was able to lose 35 lbs. I went from a size 20 down to a size 16. I feel better not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. I feel more confident and happier now that I can walk faster and climb stairs a lot easier.” – Gemma W. (Client)