Lilli E.

JR is an awesome trainer who is always at my side

making sure I keep proper form. He constantly encourages me when I am falling a little flat or roots me on to reach deep down within to release that hidden boost of power to finish off a great set. Also, JR will even work out beside me while doing my cardio just as a gym buddy would. He knows how to adjust my fitness program with the right balance of cardio and strength training. Each week we work on different sets that are challenging and interesting so I am always progressing and motivated. JR has helped me build up my physical endurance and strength. My physique hasn’t looked better in years and my mind is so much sharper and clear. Thanks to JR, I could not have done this all on my own!

JR’s down-to-earth, wholesome personality allowed us to have an open and honest relationship and is the added key to success in reaching my fitness goals and how to be prosperous in all facets of my life. His own personal goals are inspiring and the inspiration in turn has become my own. JR helps me set mini goals weekly so I’m always on the right track to reaching the final goal. JR has truly made a positive difference in my life that I sought out for many years. His experience and education proves itself with my own personal success I’ve had with his training and he has set out a healthy trend for me that I will keep for a lifetime.” –  Lilli E. (Client)

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