Body Fat Percentage via Hydrostatic Weighing

Had my body fat percentage taken today with Fitness Wave NorCal. Currently I’m at 12.63%, my goal is 7%. They said healthy body fat % loss is a 1-2% decrease a month. I want to make this a healthy lifestyle change “thing” and not necessarily a vanity “thing.” At the very core, its a “I want to be a healthy dad when the time comes for me to have children” kind of “thing.” So my goal is to be at 7% by mid- to late-June, which is a 5.5% difference in about 4 months (and of course to maintain a BF% under 10% for the rest of my life). I will re-test in 12 weeks. Track my progress on and and give me some input, advice, words of encouragement, etc. #ypowr #striveware #getsome #monthlygoals #weeklygoals #goals #health #fitness #PDA #accountabilty #fitnesswave #fitnesswavenorcal


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