Great Parent = Great Leader?

No idea is born fully formed. It emerges a little bit as a child is born – kind of messy and confused – but full of possibilities. And it’s only through the generous contribution, faith and challenge that they achieve their potential.” – Margaret Heffernan

I need to treat ideas (my ideas and the ideas of my team) the way I plan on treating and raising my children. Ideas and children need to be surrounded with positivity, love, respect and all that other fluffy stuff. Yes, they need the hard stuff – the discipline, the management, the planning, the analysis, the strategery 😊, and the “sweat equity”. But I am a huge believer that “all the HOWs [hard stuff] will be meaningless, until your WHYs [fluffy stuff] are powerful enough.” – Darren Hardy

I’m not a father just yet, but here’s a thought/idea: I could only imagine that if I am a great father, I will be a great leader for my team. I think that the exact same behaviors are needed to be successful in both roles.

But hey, we’ll see – I’m not a father just yet. This idea may change after a few years of fatherhood. But IF this idea does hold up to be true and I am able to raise my team the way I raise my children, I am excited to see what the future looks like.


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