Changing for Good: Chapter 1 Highlights



My key highlights from Chapter 1:

  • Coaches need to be prepared to meet their client’s where they are at and be comfortable with allowing them to drive the conversation. “Think of the range of possibilities you confront when you combine an individual client, with one or more complicated problems, with a [coach] schooled in a particular theory.”
  • Rather than shaping the therapy to the needs of the client, most therapists assume that the client’s issues will fit into a particular mold.
  • All the hundreds of theories of therapy can be summarized by a few essential principles I [Prochaska] call the “processes of change.”
  • Process of Change = any activity that you initiate to help modify your thinking, feeling, or behavior.
  • The 9 Processes of Change are:
    1. Consciousness raising
    2. Social liberation
    3. Emotional arousal
    4. Self-reevaluation
    5. Commitment
    6. Countering
    7. Environment control
    8. Rewards
    9. Helping relationships
      • for each process, there are dozens, even hundreds of techniques
  • people are more likely to be successful in their change attempts when they are given two choices of how to pursue change rather than once

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