HMT: Days 9, 10, 11 AND 12

HMT: Days 9, 10, 11 & 12

HMT: Days 9, 10, 11 & 12

Day 9 was a 4.5 mile run and I did this at Lake Merced with my bro Gordon. It was a rough run, but I managed. It was the first run that I felt weak because of my “diet.” That morning, all I had was a peanut butter sandwich. For me, this wasn’t enough and I knew it, but I was running a little late and did’t have time to prepare something better. The good thing is, now I know I can’t just have a peanut butter sandwich for a 4.5 mile run

Lake Merced

Lake Merced

Day 10 was either a 3 mile run or a “cross training” day; I went with the latter. For this days workout, I requested the help of my good friend CrossFitJasp at #FitCom. CrossFitJasp threw together a pretty tough workout for me that day and it was exactly what I needed. Going back to my 5K a week ago, one thing that I wasn’t too proud about was my lack of “kick” during the last 1/2 mile. I truly believe that this deficiency is 100% mental and that I need to train with a little more intensity every once in a while to get through that mental barrier. Crossfit workouts do exactly that; they help push through times that I am tired and just want to give up. I am positive that this type of training, once a week, will help me with my “kick” at the end of races. Day 10 was a good day.

HMT Day 10

HMT Day 10 (5 Rounds: 3 Burpee Deadlifts @ 185 lbs, 6 ring dips, 9 Push Presses @ 65 lbs, and 20 Double Unders)

Day 11 was a 4.5 mile run + strength day. For the 4.5 mile run, I ran Lake Merced with a few friends and for the strength portion I did a quick circuit that consisted of bench press, bicep curls and lunges. The Lake Merced run was a good run because it was very windy that day. I understand that race days will not always be perfect conditions and that sometimes the “elements” can affect your time. I’m glad that it was as windy as it was because I wanted to see how I would react to such conditions. Surprisingly, I did pretty well. Although the wind was strong as bull, I didn’t allow it to phase me and I felt that I kept pretty good running form throughout. As for the strengthening portion of the workouts, I’m happy that I am easily pushing 45 lb dumbbells with my lunges now; I def. need to strengthen my legs if I want to improve my running.

HMT Day 11

HMT Day 11

Day 12 was….. REST DAY!!! WOOT WOOT!!… Too bad I couldn’t rest all day though. I worked from 8-5 today and ended the day with some All-You-Can-Eat Sushi! In yo face!!! I’ve been going to the same sushi spot (American Sushi House) for quite some time now, but I only found out about their All-You-Can-Eat a few days ago. That place was lucky I had a pretty balanced “diet” today, because if I was starving, I would have put them out of business tonight!

1st roll: American Roll = devoured it! NOM NOM NOM

2nd roll: Bruce Roll = killed it! NOM NOM NOM

3rd roll: Beautiful roll: I couldn’t eat anymore WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP


I hope you all had a great week of running and Happy Easter!! Cheers!!

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